San Diego Microgreens Grown to Order

We supply some of San Diego’s finest restaurants with high quality, specialty microgreens for use as garnishes and in soups, salads, sandwiches, and any other dish that our customers cook up!

  • Fresh…

    Our microgreens are grown to order, meaning we don't even plant the seed until you make an order. This allows us to cut and wash your greens just minutes before we make a delivery, ensuring that you get the freshest microgreens possible.
  • Local…

    We operate in the heart of San Diego and do not accept orders for microgreens outside our own city. This helps cut down on freight and fuel emissions. If you're interested in having our microgreens in your city, feel free to contact us.
  • Sustainable…

    Our growing process is fully sustainable. We reuse our growing media, trays, and packaging. Our seeds come straight from a farm in Wisconsin - not from Monsanto or other commercial seed suppliers.
  • Order!

    Want to give our greens a try? Make an order and we'll start growing your greens within minutes! Order Microgreens

The freshest, tastiest, and most visually striking microgreens you'll ever order.

  • Ordering Process:

    Head over to our order page and place your order. We take orders online or by phone.
    As soon as we get your order, we begin growing! Your seeds will begin the 10 day long process to becoming beautiful, delicious microgreens.
    On the day of your delivery, we hand cut, wash, and package your greens, ensuring they are as fresh as possible when they get to your kitchen.
    We personally deliver your greens in reusable plastic containers that keep your order fresh for over a week - but we recommend using them sooner! *We charge a deposit for our containers.